Adviser SCM`21

 Academy Professor Hojjat Adeli, USA

The Ohio State University (OSU), Columbus, Ohio, USA 

Fields of Scholarship: computational intelligence, neurocomputing, machine learning, biomedical signal processing, computational neuroscience, neurology, structural engineering, transportation engineering, civil engineering, infrastructure engineering. 

World famous scientist. The Hirsch index is 91 units.

He is the founder and editor-in-chief of the international research journals Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering and Integrated Computer-Aided Engineering. He is also the editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Neural Systems.

International Program Committee:

Honorary Chairman - Prof. Witold Pedrycz, Canada


Corr. Member of RAS I.A. Sokolov, Russia

Prof. M.S. Kupriyanov, Russia

Prof. S.V. Prokopchina, Russia,

Dr. A.N. Averkin, Russia


Organizing Committee:

Chairman – Prof. V.A. Tupik, Russia

Members of Organizing Committee: 

Dr. S.O. Shaposhnikov (Russia)
Prof. I.I. Holod (Russia)
Prof. M.P. Belov (Russia)
Dr. L.S. Zvyagin (Russia)
Dr. K.V. Krinkin (Russia)
Dr. A.D. Skakun (Russia)
Prof. T.M. Tatarnikova (Russia)
O.N. Zhuravleva (Russia)