The XXI International Conference on Soft Computing and Measurement (SCM'2018) will take place on May 23 - 25, 2018 at Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI", St. Petersburg, Russia. The Conference is organized jointly by ETU and IEEE Russia North West Section.

The Youth School for Soft Computing and Measurement (for students and graduate students) will work within the framework of the conference. Participants of the youth school will speak English.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers is the partner of ETU for the conference since 2015. With its support, participants' proceedings are posted annually in the collection of the IEEE Xplore electronic library and indexed by the international scientific citation base of SCOPUS.

«Call for Papers» 

Topics of the Conference


  1. The uncertainty in the measurements and calculations. Probabilistic methods in the processing of information. The Bayesian approach/
  2.  Systems simulation. Complex objects control in the condition of uncertainty.
  3. Neurocomputing networks, genetic algorithms and their applications.
  4.  Methods and tools for the design of expert systems and decision support systems.
  5. Intelligent measurements systems.New approaches in measurements: intellectual, soft and fuzzy measurements.
  6. Environmental information systems.
  7. Application of decision support systems in the economy and the social sphere. 

Russian and English are the official languages of the conference.

The proceedings are going to be published digitally on USB to the opening of the conference.

The proceedings prepared by IEEE members will be submitted for inclusion in the IEEE Xplore electronic library collection for indixation in SCOPUS.